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Benefits of Buying Our Copper Pipes

Over 100 years of quality copper pipes

Lawton Tubes has been supplying quality copper pipes for over a century. We are committed to quality, following a meticulous testing approach at our Coventry facility.


Swift shipping

We typically ship UK orders within 1 – 3 days (export orders within 2 – 3 weeks).

We cut delivery times to a minimum with over 4,000 product lines housed in our expansive 60,000-square-foot warehouse.


Versatile range of dimensions

Explore our collection of 28mm copper pipes available in various dimensions. Choose your preferred length and wall thickness.

One-stop solution

Find everything you need for your copper piping projects in one place. Simplify your payments with only one invoice to manage.



Dependable and convenient delivery

We dispatch over 120 customer orders daily through our dedicated fleet, guaranteeing swift delivery of premium copper pipes right to your doorstep.

28mm Copper Pipe Dimensions

Wall (mm)TemperMax Working
Pressure bar up
 Diameter Tolerance MeanDiameter Tolerance Including Ovality
280.9 (TX)Half Hard40±10%± 0.05mm±0.10mm
281.2 (TY)Half Hard55±15%± 0.05mm±0.10mm

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Copper Pipes

Do you provide any warranty or guarantee on your copper pipes?

Absolutely, we provide a 25-year warranty covering manufacturers’ defects for all our products. Check out the details of our guarantee here.

Where can I buy Lawton Tubes copper pipes and fittings?

We have a wide range of independent and national merchants in our network.

Provide your address, and we’ll locate the nearest one for you.

Keep in mind, though, we don’t sell our products online, directly to the public or to contractors — only to those with trade counters.

Complete out our online credit application if you’re interested.

Do you offer a next-day service for your copper pipes?

Our next-day service is only available for accessories or palletised goods, due to the delicate nature of copper pipes, which are easily damaged if mishandled.

We typically deliver on the UK mainland within 2-3 days using our own fleet.

What other products do you supply?

Our complete range of product includes copper pipes, tubes and fittings for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, medical gases, and general engineering.

We also provide products for induction heating, brake pipes, electrical connectors, and shaped tubes, among others.

If you have a custom request, contact us for manufacturing options.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes, our efficient export department can arrange shipping via full container, LCL, or air, depending on your needs.

Just get in touch with us.

Do you provide site deliveries?

Certainly, within the UK mainland. However, charges may apply, as we might outsource this service depending on delivery parameters and restrictions.

Do you have offices or a plant outside the UK?

We’re based in Coventry, United Kingdom but collaborate with local distributors in over 35 countries.

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