Lawton Tubes
Rob Lawton of Lawton Tubes and Peter Booth of PB Plumber thoroughly enjoyed the VIP tour of the Monument Tools factory

Lawton Tubes and PB Plumber were made very welcome at Monument Tools Ltd for an insightful visit!

Monument Tools are a fifth-generation, family-run manufacturer of plumbing, roofing and drainage tools. Anyone in these industries will be familiar with the Monument brand and their iconic tools. They are a manufacturer steeped in history that can be traced back to 1880. When it comes to modern machines and manufacturing processes, there isn’t anything they haven’t had a hand in.

Rob Lawton of Lawton Tubes and Peter Booth of PB Plumber thoroughly enjoyed the VIP tour of the factory where Monument’s world-famous copper pipe cutters and benders are produced. They also gained a fascinating insight into the lesser known, bespoke, in-house engineered products that Monument also produces.

It was a history lesson more to their tastes! Lawton and Booth heard so many fascinating stories about the brass objects Monument has made over the years for the likes of major fashion brands as well as globally famous families (including one that lives not so far away in Central London). Amongst the bespoke products Monument has produced are brass holders for expensive perfumes, place name decorations for the royal family and brass tops for a model of the third largest Sikh Gurdwara in the UK (located in Leamington Spa).

Our visitors were also privy to an access-all-areas tour of the Chairman’s private tool collection, where they saw wooden planes and measuring rules that dated back hundreds of years.

Unsurprisingly, all parties involved shared many things in common and had an incredibly rewarding visit!

Lawton Tubes would like to send big thanks to Jonathan Collier, his father and the Chairman, Jamie Fisher, as well as all the staff at Monument Tools for their hospitality. Keep your eyes peeled for the Peter Booth YouTube review…