Lawton Tubes
Lawton Engineering combines the unique skills and facilities of our two manufacturing plants in Dorset and Coventry, into a unique offering within the industrial copper tube market. Discover more about our copper tubing and pipes.

Thanks to our production capabilities and our collective skill set, there is a lot we can offer you in the Lawton Tubes service package:

  • The Lawton team specialises in the manufacture of precision copper and copper-nickel (cupro) tubes
  • Lawton is capable of producing straight copper tube, with cut lengths ranging from 6mm to 10m.
  • The length of our copper coils ranges from 5m to 50m.
  • We have the capabilities and skillset to manufacture copper tubing and piping to the tempers (hardness) you require. The surface hardness we supply range from anywhere between soft to skin hard. We design our copper tubes to withstand every sophisticated engineering and bending operations.
  • Products can be produced:
    • Eddy current tested
    • Deburred by hand and/or machine
    • Hand inspected at various stages of production
    • Fast turn around on manufacture
    • Despatched and delivered on our dedicated fleet of vehicles

Sharing over 150 years of experience across two manufacturing sites in the UK, we have managed to forge many long-lasting relationships across a diverse customer base.

Here at Lawton, our strength lies in our fervent commitment to understanding the product, quality and service requirements of our customers. Moreover, our established expertise and highly-versatile production facilities, enables us to produce the highest quality of copper tubes efficiently.

When it comes to quick lead times and bespoke product dimensions, the Lawton Tubes sales team is always ready to provide a customer-focused solution.

Several copper extrusions laying on white surface

Furthermore, partnering with Lawton, you will never need to worry about holding large amounts of stock. We can help you with that. One helpful feature of the Lawton Tubes service package is that we have the facilities to store away many stocks capably. It should be noted, this means that there is less reliance on you to store the heavy stocks all by yourself.  

As our customer, you will have the ability to schedule an order, and you can rest assured that we will quickly and swiftly deliver it to your doorstep.

We are also in the business of manufacturing copper tubes. Our expert team is more than ready to produce and tailor copper tubes that meet your product specifications, no matter how demanding they may be.

Engineering Data Sheet

Lawton engineering products

Our engineering products are made to order – contact our Sales department with a FULL enquiry. Average manufacturing time is 4 weeks. We manufacture and distribute to the following European Specifications:

The BS EN 12449; the BS EN 12541 and the BS EN 13600

In addition to this, we can also manufacture and distribute to the American ASTM specifications.

FAQs About our Copper Tubing
1. What are Lawton Tube’s delivery capabilities?

We established strong, lasting relationships with shipping partners to deliver our services outside the UK border. Partnering with reliable international and logistic partners helps us to ensure all our customers receive orders swiftly and to a high standard.

Our logistics capabilities allow us to safely and securely ship copper tubing and pipes anywhere in the world.

Over the years, we have been instrumental in the building and fitting out of numerous major international projects, such as:

  • Zayed University in Abu Dhabi
  • London 2012 Olympic Stadium and Village
  • Camp Eggers in Afghanistan
  • The USA Air Force base
2. Do you have offices or a plant outside of the UK?

No, our headquarters are based in the UK. However, we operate through local distributors in over 35 countries.

3. What is Lawton Tube’s minimum delivery for UK merchants?

It’s 1,000kgs of copper tube for FOC (approx. £6,000 ex VAT in value)