Lawton Tubes
We understand the need for the very best in quality.

Here at Lawton Tubes, we endeavour to provide all of our customers with the highest standard of quality; that is precisely the reason why we managed to earn the ISO 9001 Quality Standard accreditation.

All of our copper tubes meet the safety requirements in an unparalleled range of temperatures and pressures. We understand the need for the very best in quality, and we work to satisfy that need with every copper tube we supply.

However, in case you are not aware, ISO 9001 is the most internationally-respected quality standard, a promise of high-quality work.

ISO 9001 is the most internationally recognized quality standard.

To be accredited with an ISO 9001 certificate,  a company must:

  1. Follow a standard that demonstrates their ability to supply products and services that consistently meet customer
  2. Demonstrate the initiative through continuous improvement

That is the reason why we take pride in our ISO 9001 certificate. To us, it is more than a medal; it is a testament to our dedication in quality.

How does an ISO 9001 help us to better serve you?

  • Supplies us with a convenient way to implement multiple management standards
  • Enables us to take a risk-based approach, one that follows a preventive action strategy
  • Helps us to magnify our focus on customer satisfaction and the quality of our services
  • Moves us away from prescriptive paperwork

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BSI QMS ISO 9001 2015 Certificate 2021