Lawton Tubes
We are so confident in the standard of our products that we offer a 25-year guarantee on all water, heating, gas and sanitation tubing against fault or defect as a consequence of defective materials or failure to comply with the provision of the quality standard stated on the tube.

This is extended to 30 years in any flame-free jointing system.

If any tube shall fail this guarantee Lawton shall:

  • Replace the faulty tube
  • Pay the installer’s costs of removing or replacing the faulty tube (up to an amount of £75,000 per claim).
  • Pay any costs or damages suffered/incurred as a result of the failure to comply with the provision of the quality standard stated on the tube

We reserve the right to remedy the failure itself or by its own nominated contractor.


This guarantee is conditional upon:

  • Proper installation tube in accordance with all relevant practices and regulations
  • Lawton being notified of the failure as soon as practicable, but in any event within 14 days after the failure.
  • The claimant taking all appropriate or necessary measures to mitigate the damages or losses suffered.
  • Lawton being given the opportunity to inspect the faulty tube and the installation (with or without its own experts) to satisfy itself as to the failure of the tube, and if required to remove the faulty tube for testing.
  • Lawton is having no liability for any indirect or consequential losses.
  • Lawton’s total liability under this guarantee not exceeding the sum of £250,000.

This guarantee extends only to the original purchaser/installer of the tube and is not capable of assignment and applies only to the tube sold and installed in the United Kingdom.

In all other respects, Lawton’s Standard Conditions of Sale (a copy of which is available on request) apply to all tube sales.