Lawton Tubes
We’re proud to provide full pipeline solutions for large medical installations. Our medical gas grade copper tube systems are of unrivaled quality, produced to BS EN 13348 standards and conforms to the latest NHS specification HTM02.

Lawton Tubes are the medical gas copper pipeline specialists. It should be noted that copper tubes are perfect for carrying oxygen and other medical gases, from plant rooms to patient beds.  The surface of copper itself is antimicrobial and can effectively kill the most toxic bacteria, fungi and viruses.  

Here at Lawton, we have been producing and distributing copper tubes since the 1980s; in addition to this, we also supply accessories such as copper fittings, ID gas tapes and pipe supports.

Quality will never be a problem; you can always rely on us to offer you the complete pipeline solution. All of our products strictly adhere to the ISO 9001 quality standards and are backed up by our 25-year warranty. Our 12-108mm tube is kitemarked, giving the confidence that our products are third party inspected and manufactured in accordance with British Standards (BSI)

Medical Brochure VI – 2021
Copper pipe and fittings for medical gas applications