Lawton Tubes

Lawton Engineering produce straight length copper tubes for a wide range of applications and markets. There are many benefits to copper:

Heating and Cooling

Tube is supplied for numerous heating and cooling applications.

This can be a cut to length service for the commercial plumbing and air conditioning market or standard sizes  (tube supplied via Lawton Tube vast stock range).

We are also able to produce tube suitable for bullet expansion such that the undersize OD and tube hardness  allows for expanding upto sizes compatible with standard plumbing fittings etc.


In addition to our range of automotive coils we are also able to produce straight lengths and coil for a variety of pneumatic applications, supplying end users and stockist alike.


We produce and supply often from stock the full range of automotive coiled products in Copper and Cupro Nickel, in all metric and imperial size requirements, in numerous length options and in different wall thicknesses. We are also able to own brand if required.

And for those who don’t want to use coils for making brakepipes a ready made service is available from Automec


We have been supplying Copper tube for solar applications for over 15 years, our consistency of supply and flexibility to develop custom sizes for optimum efficiencies.

Finning Heat / Heat Exchanger tubes

We are able to draw and test straight lengths upto 9m long for both these applications. Achieving consistent wall thickness conditions for finning and tempers suitable for many bending applications.

This tube can also be ink jet marked.

Short Cut Lengths

We produce millions of tubes for the Electrical Connector industry, supplied in a variety of hardnesses and from 4mm to 125mm in diameter. Tubes can be supplied to tolerances as close as +/-0.25mm. Tube can be supplied cut only, or deburred, supplied loose or packed in bagged/boxed quantities . Because we produce tube we are not restricted to bar lengths of 3 or 6m when cutting, yielding a length to produce minimum waste or improving cutting efficiency.

Round, oval, square, rectangular Copper tube, for induction heating and induction furnaces

Seamless drawn shaped copper tubing is produced here In Poole, Dorset UK in metric and imperial dimensions. Different shapes ranging from 3x3mm to 80mm square and almost every size inbetween (0.118” sq to 3.250” sq)

Many sizes are stocked to aid urgent Induction Heating repairs or new build projects for Induction Furnaces, or with fast made to order lead times.

Tooling if needed, is produced in house to achieve faster production times for our Shaped Copper tube ( hollow conductor tube)

Available in shorter cut to length or longer length straight sections in soft annealed condition, as well as half hard or hard as drawn Copper conditions. Tube can also be supplied coiled in soft condition.

Our fast production lead times also enable quick export order options.