Lawton Tubes

Superior copper corrosion resistance

At Lawton Tubes, our copper tubes maintain a high copper corrosion resistance. To achieve this resistance, we pre-coat our domestic size copper tubes with an oxide bore. Generally, we apply the oxide bore at the manufacturing stage, to these copper tube sizes:

  • 15×0/7mm
  • 22×0.9mm
  • 28×0.9mm

This visible “orange tint” improves the corrosion resistance of the tube during its initial phase of use.

We can apply the use of our pre-coated tube for any domestic installation applications. Such as potable drinking water, oil services or heating systems.

What causes copper corrosion?

Copper tube, when initially installed, will start a natural reaction with the oxygen dissolved in the water to form its own protective layer of copper oxide on the inner surface.

In drinking water applications, the surface of the protective layer will react with the gases and salts which are contained in the water. An additional layer forms, which predominantly consists of copper carbonates. Depending on he composition of the water, this layer varies from turquoise blue to deep green in cold water systems to a brown or purple shade in hot water applications.

If an installation is left for some time before use or is not flushed properly, then the natural layer may not form correctly. So, this can lead to a higher risk of internal corrosion.