Lawton Tubes

We’re proud to work with copper and are happy to extol its virtues!

Whether you’re a college looking for an educational and interactive session for your plumbing
students, or an organisation seeking an engaging and informative presentation, Lawton Tubes has
you covered!

What we offer:

1. Talk about copper and its sustainability

Discover the fascinating world of copper and its crucial role in sustainable development. Our
experts will delve into:
• The endless recyclability of copper.
• Its importance in green technology.
• Why copper is the metal of the future.

2. Hands-on practical session: pipe bending demo and challenge

Join social media star Peter Booth, aka PB Plumber, for a live demonstration of expert pipe
bending. This session includes:
• A step-by-step guide to perfect pipe bending.
• An exciting challenge where participants can test their skills.
• Tips and tricks from PB Plumber himself, with opportunities for Q&A.

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