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In our daily lives, a complex network of essential elements within our infrastructure ensures the smooth completion of routines and everyday tasks. Among these crucial components, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ACR) products play a key yet often overlooked role.

At Lawton Tubes, we recognise the significance of ACR products in maintaining our environment, which motivates our focus towards longevity, sustainability, and reliability in the products we offer. Take, for instance, our straight length copper tubes seamlessly integrated into a supermarket’s infrastructure. Unseen but pivotal, these tubes facilitate refrigerant flow, ensuring the efficient operation of freezer cases and cabinets that preserve the quality of daily essentials.

With two decades of delivering highest-quality products and meeting the evolving needs of the sector, Lawton Tubes has emerged as the foremost supplier of ACR pipes in the UK.

Our ACR copper pipes go global

With a goal to transform the air conditioning and refrigeration sector globally, we introduced Chris White as our Head of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration back in 2007. Having previously served in an international copper mill, Chris brings a wealth of expertise and insight to his role. 

“We had zero customers at the time, and my role was to develop that side of the business,” explains Chris. His strategic vision and dedication played a pivotal role in not only establishing Lawton Tubes as a key player in the ACR market but also fostering significant growth.

Our team’s profound understanding of the industry, coupled with our hands-on approach, has been instrumental in steering Lawton Tubes toward success in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of air conditioning and refrigeration.

In the initial stages of our venture into the ACR copper pipe market, our primary focus revolved around serving the needs of national wholesalers and establishing Lawton Tubes as a trusted and dependable supplier within the UK.

Since our expansion into international sales and the launch of fittings and accessories for ACR, our exports have increased significantly. The most significant exported product, which has garnered acclaim in worldwide markets, is our unique K65 120 bar pressure CO2 copper pipe system. Why is it in such high demand? Its robust build and ability to withstand high-pressure environments make it an indispensable component in various critical installations.

Aside from this, other products in our range have also grown in popularity, as Chris states, “Our most popular products would be our straight length copper tube along with coils, so that is the main part of our business, and probably represents 80% to 90% of our total sales.”

Throughout the years, our product range has expanded into accessories, encompassing fittings, brazing rods, and various associated products, showcasing steady and promising growth.

Copper’s sustainable edge

Diving into the ACR market marked a pivotal strategic move for Lawton Tubes. This decision was propelled by the widespread need for effective cooling and refrigeration, whether in residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

Our high-quality copper pipes and fittings for ACR have positioned us as a key contributor to fostering sustainable solutions within the industry.

Copper is an ideal material for ACR applications due to its exceptional thermal conductivity, ease of handling, durability, and resistance to corrosion. These properties make copper the perfect choice for transferring heat efficiently, ensuring optimal performance in the intricate systems of air conditioning and refrigeration. Its resistance to corrosion is crucial in environments where exposure to moisture and various chemicals is common. Moreover, copper’s malleability allows for easy shaping and installation, contributing to the versatility and reliability required in ACR applications.

On top of that, our pursuit of achieving net-zero status resonates with our broader dedication to environmental stewardship, and we have set ambitious targets to reduce our carbon footprint, integrating new practices across our production operations, distribution networks, and overall business endeavours.

Customer service initiatives

As the demand for sustainable materials and comprehensive, holistic services continues to surge within the ACR industry, we’ve expanded our customer support to better meet our clients’ needs.

Our dedicated consultation service, staffed by a knowledgeable and approachable team, is designed to offer guidance on orders and provide tailored advice for various projects. We aim to simplify the process for our customers and ensure that they receive the best possible support for their specific requirements. To achieve this, we have introduced separate supply chain departments, and specialist customer service departments to match our customer and business needs.

To support this initiative, our swift and reliable customer delivery services, facilitated by our own fleet of lorries, guarantee the timely and complete delivery of products. We also distribute copper tubes in wooden cases, not only for export orders, but also for the UK market to ensure product safety. This process ensures that wholesalers will be able to store our product similarly to how it is stored on our premises; safely and conveniently.

Continuing the winning streak

Despite our growth in the sector, there are ongoing objectives we aim to meet. With a keen eye on expansion and continuous improvement, we envision a future where Lawton Tubes remains at the forefront of sustainable solutions, providing unparalleled customer service.

Our collective drive to explore new horizons enables us to embrace emerging technologies and provide cutting-edge products and holistic support on a global scale.

With our fantastic copper products, and dedicated team, we look forward to excelling in the ACR/HVAC sector.

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