Lawton Tubes

Patrick Lawton embodies the fifth generation to contribute to the Lawton Tubes family business, established in 1918. After the acquisition of Wardtec – specialist component designer and manufacturer for the water management industry – he came on board as Wardtec’s General Manager. Patrick brings a passion for family ethos, teamwork, and building lasting relationships into his new role. Explore Patrick’s views on how Lawton Tubes and Wardtec are set to grow together, driven by a shared commitment to their staff and their legacies.

What does your role as General Manager at Wardtec encompass?

My role at Wardtec is a new one, created with the acquisition of the business. I oversee the day-to-day operations, ensuring smooth order processing, maintaining health and safety standards, and building a strong partnership between Wardtec, Lawton Tubes and their customers. As a small family business, Wardtec has operated differently, so part of my role involves adapting to this change and supporting the staff through the transition.

What’s your background, and how does it relate to your current role?

I come from a background in facilities management, where I gained a solid technical understanding and honed skills in people and project management. Many aspects of my previous role transfers to my current position, which I continue to discover every day! Organising people, managing operations, dealing with clients, and running a business are all familiar territories to me, so I’m happy to bring those qualities to the Wardtec team.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Wardtec?

I’m a creative person who thrives on finding practical solutions. I enjoy being behind the scenes and figuring out how things work, so growing to understand the dynamics of this business under the Lawton Tubes umbrella, and planning for its future is exciting. Being the key liaison between the two businesses and implementing processes to support growth is very fulfilling, and I strive to be a person within the team who people can turn to with questions, and for decision-making.

How has the relationship between Lawton Tubes and Wardtec developed?

Initially, the transition was a significant change in mindset as both businesses were run differently. Working alongside Anthony Ward, Wardtec’s MD, we had to navigate and nurture this change, allowing it to happen naturally. Now, with stability behind us, we’re encouraging Wardtec to explore new markets, fuelled by Lawton Tubes’ support. The positive relationship has provided opportunities for growth and increased purchasing power, benefiting both companies. It is my goal to continue nurturing Wardtec’s evolving business, and its fantastic employees within the Lawton Tubes community.

Is there anything you can share about markets Wardtec is looking to enter?

The country’s move towards net-zero means that the stored hot water and cylinder storage market will grow and present opportunities for Wardtec. We’re also exploring new markets with products that complement our existing portfolio, aiming to expand our customer base and tap into Lawton Tubes’ sectors – without giving too much away!

What kind of things do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and doing DIY projects. I’m currently renovating another house which is a huge time commitment. I also enjoy the outdoors: walking, camping and being in the mountains.

What does the future have in store for Wardtec under Lawton Tubes?

This partnership is a long-term investment, and we’re 100% committed to building on Wardtec’s success. We care deeply about the legacy of the Ward family and aim to carry Wardtec into a brighter, more dominant future. Our focus is on accelerating growth, exploring new markets, and ensuring the well-being of the staff. Anthony Ward’s legacy of integrity is important to us, and we want to make Wardtec a part of our family for years to come.

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