Lawton Tubes
As part of our ongoing mission to make the construction and plumbing industries more responsible and sustainable, Lawton Tubes’ very own superhero Copper Man joins the fight for sustainability. Read his story below…

Britain 2021 – a deadly virus has swept the nation, bringing with it an era of single-use consumerism and a deadly fight against synthetic plastic pipes. The citizens of Blighty are currently being held captive in a society riddled with polyvinylchloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE) and cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) and seemingly no way out…

Robert Lawton, British citizen, Instagrammer extraordinaire and lover of espresso martinis vowed to dedicate his life eradicating this common enemy from our shores. He helped design an experimental program, aimed at finding a recyclable and sustainable material with multiple applications that could rise up in the fight against Britain’s nemesis – PLASTIC!

The villainous plastic manufacturers caught wind of this exciting new development and sent their hitmen to destroy him. Robert was ambushed and they threw him into a vat of molten copper.

Unbeknown to his assassins, the copper had been tainted with an experimental substance that fused with Robert’s cells as soon as his fingers touched the liquid metal. Clawing himself out of the container, he discovered superhuman strength, the ability to kill viruses, an aesthetically pleasing exterior and the power to conduct electricity.

He overthrew the hitmen and vowed to destroy all those who posed a threat to sustainability and best practise. Armed with a cunning disguise and wielding a straight length of 35mm copper pipe, Robert took up the mantle of Copper Man, a hero with a singular dedication to preventing and avenging crimes of plastic consumption and the installation of poor-quality product.

A perfect example of patriotism in action; Copper Man encouraged those who feared the world would eventually be overwhelmed by plastic to have courage and switch to copper in the face of a seeming insurmountable foe.

Copper Man is here to celebrate great installs, promote best practices and eradicate the use of plastics in the plumbing, engineering, medical and ACR industries.

Plastic lovers beware – He’ll Cu around…