Lawton Tubes
Lawton Tubes' Robert Lawton attends PHEX in Manchester

This October, Lawton Tubes had a fantastic time in Manchester at the Plumbing and Heating Exhibition (PHEX) – the longest established plumbing and heating exhibition series in the UK.

PHEX has a strong history of uniting manufacturers and suppliers with installers and contractors at unique sporting venues. Our own Copperman, also known as Robert Lawton, joined the exhibition at Manchester United’s world-famous ground, Old Trafford Stadium.

There is an abundance of industry expertise to tap into at PHEX, with over eighty of the top manufacturers and suppliers in plumbing and heating. Rob Lawton met many manufacturers that are closely associated with copper pipes: ECA Boilers and Talon (famous for high quality pipe clips), to name but a few.

It was wonderful to see Lawton Tubes customers also exhibiting, such as BES, who have been supplying plumbing, heating and gas supplies for over 45 years, and KJ Plumbing Factors & Heating Spares – both stock our copper pipes and tubes.

You may be familiar with Robert Lawton’s presence on social media as Copperman, an influencer in the world of copper. He networked with a number of key installers and plumbers who are also having a significant influencing impact online.

There were many interesting conversations about the plumbing industry as a whole and current changes in legislation. A particularly hot topic was Building Regulations Part L, which specifies that the lagging (or insulation) of copper pipes is now required to pass the UK Building Regulations.

We’d like to send a special thanks to Marco Rich, MD of ECA Boilers UK, and his team for hosting an enjoyable, informal dinner after the event.

It was a worthwhile visit and we highly recommend PHEX to anyone in the plumbing and heating industries – the next one will be taking place in Chelsea at Stamford Bridge Stadium on the 16th-17th November 2022.