Lawton Tubes

Lawton K65 is a high copper alloy with high mechanical strength.

Typical Applications

Tubes for air conditioning and refrigeration, heating and solar engineering, brake line tubing

Temper (DIN EN12449)

R300** soft annealed R420** hard

According to DIN EN 12449

Chemical CompositionMechanical properties (annealed)
Fe2.10-2.60 %Rnmin.>300 N/mm2
Zn0.05-0.20%Rnmax.>250 N/mm2
P0.015-0.15 %Amin. >25%
Pbmax. 0.03 % 
**Conformity to PED 97/23/EC can be certified through product inspection by a technical inspection agency such as TUV.

Fabrication properties
Cold workingexcellent
Hot-dip tinningexcellent
Soft solderingexcellent
Inert gas shielded
arc weldingexcellent
Laser weldinggood

Corrosion resistance

Lawton K65 is insensitive to stress corrosion cracking. Lawton K65 exhibits good resistance in natural atmosphere (also marine atmosphere) and industrial atmosphere. It has a better resistance to erosion and pitting corrosion than Cu-DHP in different types of water and neutral saline solutions.

Sizes available
Type of deliveryOutside diameter mm*ManufactureTemper
Straight lengthsplain7-108seamlesshard or annealed
(max. 7800 mm)inner-grooved7-16seamlesshard or annealed
Level-wound coils (LWC)plain7-20seamlesshard or annealed
(coil weight on request)inner-grooved7-16seamlesshard or annealed
*Wall thicknesses and other sizes on request

Relevant standards and specifications

DIN EN 12449 Seamless, round tubes for general purposes

Wieland R-1084 Seamless drawn plain or inner-grooved tubes in K65 in LWC for pressure vesels and piping

Wieland R-1085 Seamless drawn plain or inner-grooved copper tubes in K65 in straight lengths for pressure vessels and piping

VdTUV-Werkstoffblatt, new draft 03.2010 Seamless drawn tubes in CuFe2P (CW107C) Wieland K65

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