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Love copper? You might also love our copper hearts.

With its malleable and sustainable properties, natural corrosion resistance, and inherent durability,
copper is perfectly suited for use in plumbing and heating systems. These same properties, coupled with its striking orange hue, also make copper pipe the ideal choice of material for creating stunning outdoor art and garden ornaments – like these copper heart ornaments!

Make the perfect copper pipe heart!

A twin copper heart. One of the copper heart designs from Copper Hearts UK.

Copper is a naturally malleable metal. This means it can be bent and shaped relatively easily without
compromising its integrity.

It’s one of the many attributes that makes copper piping ideal for use in plumbing and heating systems.

Copper pipes can be shaped and moulded to fit tight spaces and hard-to-reach places where other materials would otherwise fail.

The technique of bending copper pipe by hand requires some skill, but once mastered, you can use it
to create any number of shapes and designs – like this 22mm copper pipe heart.

These ornaments are ideal wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s gifts or commemorative garden ornaments to remember loved ones.

Below, you’ll find a step-by-step on how to make the perfect copper pipe heart:

How to make a copper heart

The art of copper pipe bending

Bending copper pipe for install in plumbing and heating systems is an art form in itself. Professional
plumber and Lawton Tubes’ Copper Ambassador, Peter Booth – aka PB Plumber – is an expert in
manipulating copper pipes by hand

Pete’s well known for his copper pipe-bending challenges and takes great pride in his use of
traditional copper pipe-bending methods. As a third-generation plumber, he even makes use of his
granddad’s original pipe bender

In this video, Peter and fellow plumber Jack Brindley show you how to use a pipe bender to create the
perfect 22mm copper heart out of 2x 335mm lengths of copper pipe and 2x elbow joints.

Proper copper heart art & ornaments

Having launched his plumbing business in 2019, Jack Brindley soon found the pandemic put a stop to
him trading.

Inspired by PB Plumber’s pipe bending videos, Jack decided to get creative using his plumbing tools and the off-cuts of copper pipe he had in his van.

He began crafting copper hearts for neighbours as garden ornaments, gifting them as a symbol of
solidarity during the height of lockdown.

His copper pipe hearts were so well received and proved so popular on social media, Jack broadened his offering and started the business, Copper Hearts UK.

His online shop now offers various copper pipe art and garden ornaments inspired by nature, such as bees, butterflies, flowers, and birds. Additionally, being made from copper, they’re rust-resistant and eco-friendly – 100% recyclable and chemical-free.