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Plastic Coated Copper Pipes & Tubes

The Plastic Coating is a LDPE with a World Wide UV stabiliser.
Resistance to some common chemicals below:

Very good chemical resistanceGood Chemical ResistanceMedium Chemical ResistancePoor Chemical Resistance
Acetatic acid Amonium hydroxide 30%
Calcium hydroxide 30% Diethylene glycol Ethylene glycol
Ethanol 100% Glycerin Glycol
Hydrogen peroxide 30% Mercury Methanol
Potassium hydroxide 30%
Sodium hydroxide 30%
Acetone Formaldehyde 10-40% Gas oil
Caproic acid Iodine Isobutanol Isopropanol Mineral oil Motor oil Natural gas Gasoline Phenol
Tranformer oil Vaseline
Dibutylether Ethylene acetate 100%
Furfurol 100% Heptane Paraffin
Diethylether Ethylenechloride Hydrogen peroxide 90% Methylene chloride
LDPE coating would have no chemical resistance from Acetylene dichloride

The Physical properties are as follows:

Melting point:114°C
Vicat Softening Point:93°C (Maximum Operating Temperature)
Brittleness Point:< -75°C
Hardness:55 Shore D
Tensile Break:13.40 MPa
Flexural Strength:8.10 MPa
Elongation at Break500%
Volume Resistivity>1015 Ohm-cm³
Surface Resistivity:>1015 Ohm-cm²

This range is ideal for use within walls, outside, underground and in aggressive atmospheres. The covering creates a thermal barrier reducing heat loss underground and condensation from exposure in extreme weather conditions.

Tubes can withstand temperatures from -40 to +114°C and can be bent (except 35-54mm) and jointed as per standard plain EN1057 tubes using EN1254 fittings. To expose bare copper, plastic coating needs to be cut and pulled back away from the joint and flame (if brazing). Once joint has been made coating needs returning back to original position and both joint and cut need to be protected using an impervious plastic tape. See Plastic Coated Copper Tube Installation Guide for specific details.

White PE Coated Copper Tubes

to BS EN 13349 / BS EN 1057 R250/R290

Product CodeO.D. (mm)Length (m)Wall (mm)PE Thickness
TXPEW015153, 5.8 & 60.71.0
TXPEW022223, 5.8 & 60.91.0
TXPEW028283, 5.8 & 60.91.0
TXPEW035353, 5.8 & 61.21.5
TXPEW042423, 5.8 & 61.21.5
TXPEW054543, 5.8 & 61.21.5
TXPEW067673, 5.8 & 61.21.5
TXPEW076763, 5.8 & 61.51.5
TXPEW1081083, 5.8 & 61.51.5

PVC Covered Coils

to BS EN 1057 R220

Product CodeO.D. (mm)Length (m)Wall (mm)PVC Thickness
TWPVCBLK0088 PVC Black250.81.0
TWPVCW0088 PVC White250.61.0
TWPVCW01010 PVC White25 & 500.71.0
TWPVCY01515 PVC Yellow/Blue251.01.5
TWPVCY02222 PVC Yellow/Blue251.21.5
TWPVCY02828 PVC Yellow201.21.5

PVC Covered Tube

to BS EN 1057 R250

Product CodeO.D. (mm)Length (m)Wall(mm)PVC Thickness
TXPVCY01515 PVC Yellow3 & 60.71.0
TXPVCY022                           22 PVC Yellow3 & 6   0.91.0
TXPVCY02828 PVC Yellow3 & 60.91.0

Green PE Coated Copper Tubes

to BS EN 13349 / BS EN 1057 R250/R290

Product CodeO.D. (mm)Length (m)Wall (mm)PE Thickness
TYPEG015155.8 & 60.7 or 1.01.0
TYPEG022225.8 & 60.9 or 1.21.0
TYPEG028285.8 & 60.9 or 1.21.0
TYPEG035355.8 & 61.0 or 1.51.5
TYPEG042425.8 & 61.0 or 1.51.5
TYPEG054545.8 & 61.2 or 1.51.5
TYPEG067675.8 & 62.01.5
TYPEG076765.8 & 62.01.5
TYPEG1081085.8 & 62.51.5

Plastic Coating Characteristics

TestUnitLower Spec LimitUpper Spec Limit
Tensile StrengthN/mm [kg/cm2]29.52 10 [3.2]31.52 10 [3.0]
Compression strain% (25%)3.46
Water absorbing capacityG/m20.0030.008
Conductivity factorW/(mk2) [kcal/m2hm2]0.038(0.033)0.040(0.035)
Temperature of heat resistanceº C-40+114
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